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Silent Film Retrospective at the National Film Center

The English title of the upcoming silent film retrospective at the National Film Center in Kyobashi is Silent Film Renaissance 2017. The Japanese title シネマの冒険 闇と音楽 2017 — Cinema Adventure Darkness and Music 2017 — seems more evocative, considering all six films will have one screening with live musical accompaniment. Two of the films will also have live narration performed by a… Read more →

Nanook of the North

Found a flyer for what looks to be an interesting film screening around Christmastime here in the Kanto Plain Area. A 16 mm print of Nanook of the North, the first documentary made at this length and scope, will be screened at the Nezu Church in Bunkyo ward on Friday December 18th at 7pm, with doors opening at 5pm, and… Read more →