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Tora-san 50th Anniversary Events!

Many big events are happening next year in Japan. The Rugby World Cup. A new emperor will be enthroned. Preparations will also be in full gear for the 2020 Olympics. 2019, however, also marks the 50th anniversary of the first Tora-san movie! Shochiku’s Tora-san 50th anniversary website went live today. Here is a summary of what was announced today. 1)… Read more →

Dorei Kōjō (The Slave Factory)

The Jinbōchō Theater is screening the 1968 film Dorei Kōjō as part of its current “Yakusha wa ichinichi shite narazu” (An actor isn’t made in one day) series. This film, starring Maeda Gin and Uno Jūkichi among others, documents a labor struggle in the 1960s in Kanto. It was, in fact, even funded by a labor union. According to the Jinbōchō Theater… Read more →