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Silent Film Retrospective at the National Film Center

The English title of the upcoming silent film retrospective at the National Film Center in Kyobashi is Silent Film Renaissance 2017. The Japanese title シネマの冒険 闇と音楽 2017 — Cinema Adventure Darkness and Music 2017 — seems more evocative, considering all six films will have one screening with live musical accompaniment. Two of the films will also have live narration performed by a… Read more →


Scandale – Akira Kurosawa – Trailer 投稿者 k-chan The summer of Yoshiko Yamaguchi continues with Scandal, the Akira Kurosawa film starting Yamaguchi and Toshiro Mifune, which is showing as part of the National Film Center‘s “In Memory of Film Figures We Lost in 2013-2014” series. Vincent Canby called it both a parody of Hollywood and a satire of post-war Japan’s… Read more →