Further Information


映画.com (eiga.com) — Complete schedule in Japanese of almost all the films being shown in Japan.


日本映画情報システム (Japanese Cinema Database) — Agency for Cultural Affairs website that lists information for Japanese films from 1898 until the present, updated monthly.
所蔵映画フィルム検索システム — Database of all the films in possession of the National Film Center
Libraries of The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo Catalog — Database of material held by the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, including the National Film Center.

Discussion and Criticism

Toho Yaro — A different Japanese film discussed each month
Enic-cinE — Irregularly updated blog in English about classic Japanese films
Documentary in East and Southeast Asia — Blog on documentary film in Asia, with a strong focus on Japan, by @matteoboscarol
Windows on Worlds — Film blog by Hayley Scanlon, with a strong focus on Japan