Author: XinJeisan

Movies About Tokyo

This post is a little different than the (few) previous ones. Instead of talking about films showing in Tokyo, it is a list of films about or set in Tokyo. This week I am curating the @beingtokyo account on twitter. (More info on that here). Beyond just talking about what I am doing in Greater Tokyo, I thought it might… Read more →

Nanook of the North

Found a flyer for what looks to be an interesting film screening around Christmastime here in the Kanto Plain Area. A 16 mm print of Nanook of the North, the first documentary made at this length and scope, will be screened at the Nezu Church in Bunkyo ward on Friday December 18th at 7pm, with doors opening at 5pm, and… Read more →


Scandale – Akira Kurosawa – Trailer 投稿者 k-chan The summer of Yoshiko Yamaguchi continues with Scandal, the Akira Kurosawa film starting Yamaguchi and Toshiro Mifune, which is showing as part of the National Film Center‘s “In Memory of Film Figures We Lost in 2013-2014” series. Vincent Canby called it both a parody of Hollywood and a satire of post-war Japan’s… Read more →

Byaku Fujin No Youren (The Legend of the White Serpent)

Laputa Theater in Asagaya is currently screening this 1956 Toho-Shaw Brothers co-production at 2:40 pm until Tuesday July 7th. It is part of the Laputa’s current series about actor Ryō Ikebe, who plays Kyosen. It is also is the first special effects color film by Toho, with the special effects created by Eiji Tsuburaya, best known for Godzilla. Personally, though,… Read more →

Dorei Kōjō (The Slave Factory)

The Jinbōchō Theater is screening the 1968 film Dorei Kōjō as part of its current “Yakusha wa ichinichi shite narazu” (An actor isn’t made in one day) series. This film, starring Maeda Gin and Uno Jūkichi among others, documents a labor struggle in the 1960s in Kanto. It was, in fact, even funded by a labor union. According to the Jinbōchō Theater… Read more →