Tarantino Western Double Feature in Tokyo

I’ve been a Tarantino fan since I first watched Reservoir Dogs at my local mall theater (since torn down) on its first run. I can’t remember exactly which came first, but my love of 90s Hongkong film came about around the same time.

20-odd years later, Tarantino’s films reference another violent popular national cinema I’ve become interested in. I have been subscribing over he past few months to a DVD Magazine series which delivers two Spaghetti (or, in Japanese, Macaroni) Westerns every two weeks to my door. Literally to my door, since it is published by Asahi Shinbun and is delivered by the same folks who deliver my newspaper.

I was always a fan of the Man with No Name trilogy, ever since I first saw them on early morning TV while growing up in the Bay Area. This has been the first time, however, that I have seen any other Spaghetti Westerns

And, although a Tarantino fan, I haven’t seen either of his last two Westerns, Django Unchained or The Hateful Eight. The last Tarantino movie I saw was Death Proof on a double feature with Taxi Driver on a double bill at the Shimbashi Bunka Theater days before it closed. There really couldn’t have been a better time and place to watch that film, at a real grindhouse under the Yamanote train tracks in a packed house.

Just like I was right to wait to watch Death Proof until I did, I am a bit glad that I haven’t seen either of these two Tarantino film yet, as well. Since have seen several other Spagetti Westerns and will be watching more after I watch both at Kinema Omori later this month, I’m sure both the origonals and Tarantino’s interpretations will be more enjoyable.

Kinema Omori hasn’t posted the times yet, but both Django and The Hateful Eight will be shown as a double feature (another good reason to have waited) at the end of this month from from July 23d to July 29th. The trailers for both are below.

Django Unchained

The Hateful Eight