Clouds of Sils Maria

The first Oliver Assayas film I saw was Irma Vep, at the Singapore International Film Festival in 1997. The last one I saw was Carlos, which I saw at the Kawasaki Art Center’s Artelio Cinema a few years back. I haven’t seen every Assays film but the ones I have seen have always been interesting, always discussing how people cope with change in the modern world. This film has been bouncing around various theaters around Tokyo the past few months, and I finally found convenient time to see it myself here in Kawasaki.

Clouds of Sils Maria, known in Japanese as アクトレス~女性たちの舞台 (akutoresu ~ jyosei-tachi no butai) is showing at the Kawasaki Art Center’s Artelio Cinema from January 5th to the 8th at 3 pm, from the 9th to the 15th at 12:25 and the 16th to the 22nd at 5:25. The film won’t be shown on the 12th and the 18th, however.