Movies About Tokyo

This post is a little different than the (few) previous ones. Instead of talking about films showing in Tokyo, it is a list of films about or set in Tokyo. This week I am curating the @beingtokyo account on twitter. (More info on that here). Beyond just talking about what I am doing in Greater Tokyo, I thought it might be interesting to get into some discussions about film, thinking that one way a city defines itself (or is defined by others) is through film. I chose a the first six below. I ended up asking for more suggestions from the @beingtokyo community and got a whole bunch more. Thinking it was kind of a waste to let these suggestions float into the twitter archive, I collected them here.

If you want to suggest any others, you can tweet me @beingtokyo .

Tokyo Story

Tokyo Family

Lost In Translation

Shall We Dance


Tora-san’s Lullaby

Tokyo Sonata

Like Someone in Love

Nobody Knows


Tokyo Pop

Stray Dog

野良犬 Stray Dog Opening 1949 黒澤明 Kurosawa… 投稿者 MorinoMashio

Bounce Ko Gals

I couldn’t find an embedable trailer, but this Vietnamese site has the trailer.

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Wolverine

The Bad News Bears Go To Japan

Walk Don’t Run

Adrift in Tokyo

Season of the Sun

Tokyo Olympiad

The Boy and the Beast

House of Bamboo