Nanook of the North

Found a flyer for what looks to be an interesting film screening around Christmastime here in the Kanto Plain Area. A 16 mm print of Nanook of the North, the first documentary made at this length and scope, will be screened at the Nezu Church in Bunkyo ward on Friday December 18th at 7pm, with doors opening at 5pm, and on Saturday December 19th at 5pm, with the doors opening up at 3pm. In addition to the movie, they’ll be selling coffee, used books, and knick knacks. (is that the translation for 雑貨?)

According to the flyer, this is the ninth annual Silent Movie Theater on Holy Night (聖なるよる上映会vol.9). The film music will be provided by silent film pianist Mie Yanashita (柳下美恵), who I have not heard of before but is on twitter at @miesilentpiano

Nanook of the North is one of those films I have heard about often but never seen. Of course, I could see it right now on the YouTube, but think seeing it in a church, accompanied by a live pianist, watching it flicker on screen with a room of people, is the way a film should be seen.

One ticket will cost 2000 yen and they will only be sold the day of each screening. The flyer says as well that they have only 80 open seats per screening.

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