Author: xinjeisan

Ruriko Asaoka Morning Festival

While at the Kiyoshi Atsumi festival at the Togeki I picked up a flyer for an upcoming program at the Laputa theater in Asagaya. As I skimmed through it, I noticed that Ruriko Asaoka seemed to be in all the pictures and yet her name was not mentioned in any of the synopses or cast listings. I shouldn’t have been… Read more →

Tarantino Western Double Feature in Tokyo

I’ve been a Tarantino fan since I first watched Reservoir Dogs at my local mall theater (since torn down) on its first run. I can’t remember exactly which came first, but my love of 90s Hongkong film came about around the same time. 20-odd years later, Tarantino’s films reference another violent popular national cinema I’ve become interested in. I have… Read more →

Lawrence of Arabia

Perhaps my love of watching film in theaters on film comes from Lawrence of Arabia. I first saw in 1989 at the Northpoint Theater in San Francisco. I can still remember that day and how I felt as i watched this masterpiece unfold. I subsequently purchased it on VHS (which was letterboxed, of course) and watched it again and again… Read more →

Clouds of Sils Maria

The first Oliver Assayas film I saw was Irma Vep, at the Singapore International Film Festival in 1997. The last one I saw was Carlos, which I saw at the Kawasaki Art Center’s Artelio Cinema a few years back. I haven’t seen every Assays film but the ones I have seen have always been interesting, always discussing how people cope… Read more →

Movies About Tokyo

This post is a little different than the (few) previous ones. Instead of talking about films showing in Tokyo, it is a list of films about or set in Tokyo. This week I am curating the @beingtokyo account on twitter. (More info on that here). Beyond just talking about what I am doing in Greater Tokyo, I thought it might… Read more →

Nanook of the North

Found a flyer for what looks to be an interesting film screening around Christmastime here in the Kanto Plain Area. A 16 mm print of Nanook of the North, the first documentary made at this length and scope, will be screened at the Nezu Church in Bunkyo ward on Friday December 18th at 7pm, with doors opening at 5pm, and… Read more →